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The espresso coffee production system

espresso coffee production.php

Price: € 35,00

The espresso coffee production system by Mauro and Franco Bazzara.

The coffee plant, harvesting and processing of the fruits, the long journey taken by green coffee in jute bags, the know-how of roasting, golden rules for a perfect espresso.

The espresso coffee production system is a book on coffee for connoisseurs with over 100 illustrations, more than 100 photographs, nearly 200 pages with contributions from some of the greatest experts in the world of coffee and some of the foremost international companies in the industry.

The coffee tasting


Price: € 45,00

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The coffee tasting by Franco e Mauro Bazzara

A truly unique work, (an Italian-English version), dedicated to the fascinating world of professional coffee tasting are enhanced with more than 500 illustrations and numerous pieces by renowned experts in the field of Italian espresso. An entire section is dedicated to the multifarious methods of brewing coffee, from the traditional systems to the most unusual and original systems. This text that has become an indispensable source of information for those wishing to discover and delve in greater depth into the tasting of coffee.

The book is broken down into 8 chapters:

  • The history of coffee tasting
  • Getting to know coffee
  • The types of coffee
  • The sensory universe
  • How to taste coffee
  • Espresso Method
  • Comparison tasting
  • Coffee preparation worldwide

Italian Cappuccino Latte Art

latte art.php

Price: € 55,00

Italian Cappuccino Latte Art by Franco e Mauro Bazzara

The Bazzara brothers have just completed their new project: a book dedicated entirely to the Italian cappuccino and Latte Art.

Given the increasing interest in the cappuccino, both by consumers and baristas, the authors have decided to make this typical Italian breakfast beverage the star of their new book.

Although it has been conceived as text for the general public, it does have a wealth of technical content; not only does it present the basic rules for correct preparation and tasting of cappuccino, it also reveals the fascinating technique of Latte Art.

The topics are dealt with from an innovative point of view. It presents many elements that have never before been set into print, along with hundreds of photographs and a multitude of drawings; everything needed to make this a truly precious work for anyone approaching or professionally dealing with this beloved Italian beverage.

The book is broken down into 5 chapters:

  1. Cappuccino&Espresso
  2. The 5 keys (Milk, Milk jug, Steam Wand, Processing, Latte Art)
  3. The secrets of Latte Art
  4. The world of cappuccino
  5. Cappuccino tasting

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